JKR (A bit wandering)

Robyn Starkey robyns at corplink.com.au
Thu Aug 3 07:14:52 EDT 2000

>I still want to know why the "light" people call Voldemort "Lord".
>I would have thought that someone in the Magical community would have
>mentioned the word "witch-hunt" as soon as everyone seemed keen to
>embrace the Dementors as a solution for dealing with the bad types,
>and that might well have brought them to their senses.

Well, if (as you point out so well she is not) Rowling were more thoughtful 
one might speculate about some kind of importance to the title as part of 
Voldemort's mage name or use name or something. If the good guys wanted to 
be disrespectful, they would surely call him Tom Riddle.

And ambition isn't bad in and of itself. You're right, though, if Slytherin
>is the house of ambition and treachery, there shouldn't be all those
>cowering wretches in it. What of the four noble types who founded Hogwarts?
>Perhaps Harry, although resolutely unambitious, will redeem snake qualities
>(though I doubt it).

Although I agree with everything else you said in this interesting post, 
Tanaqui, I have to disagree with the last sentence. Harry is very 
ambitious, he wants to be a top quidditch player, he wants to win the cup 
(any cup going), he wants to get good marks.... The sorting hat spotted this.

If ambition really is what marks the Slytherin, then Harry fits much better 
than Crabbe and Goyle, who seem more like Hufflepuffs in their dogged 
loyalty to Malfoy.

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