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Tanaqui wrote:

For the same reasons that NG left journalism himself, the story ran.
NG has said, and said it again in relation to this, that JKR has NOT
anything - that the material is out there and it is interpretation that
critical. This is where my notion of Cinderella Syndrome gets iterated
There will always be the preying jealous types (Ugly Sisters) who see a
of work that draws on common property (a discarded ribbon or scrap of
a latent myth or underused idea and use it to create something good
original dress for the ball). JKR might not be the dressmaker that DWJ
or NG
are, but she is not chopping chunks out of other people's kit to make
her work.

I once read that nearly every wirter uses ideas of others, that
"literature lives from a bit of theft". It only depends on what you make
of it: if you succed to you the idea in a new way, make something
original of, fit it into your creation, it's okay. But if you just "sew
pieces together", it plagiatarism (sp?).

I must admit that I found the "Monster Books" (that's HP 3, I think),
kept in a cage prevent them biting the readers a bit annoying. It
reminded me too much of Terry Pratchett's magical books, an idea I
always like a lot. But then, people *can* have the same ideas. And as I
tried to say above, it depends on what you make of it.


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