Eight Days of Luke & Harry Potter

Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Wed Aug 2 15:53:22 EDT 2000

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000 20:26:33 +0100, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

>Yes, new and in Ireland. :-)  For them as give a damn, I'm 31, female,
>Irish, living in Dublin, a writer (unpublished as yet, but check out
>Antipodean SF in November), a DWJ fan since my brother brought "Charmed
>Life" home from the library when I was about 9, work as a secretary in a SW
>development company, and spend my free time on email lists, writing,
>reading, playing RPGs and (occasionally) making costumes.  Anything else you
>want to know, please ask.

It is my understanding that Ireland has a corner on the localization market
for software.  I also understand that quite a lot of high-tech is headed
that way due to some interesting tax structures.  It'd sure be nice if I
could leverage some of my technical skills into an Ireland relocation.  I've
actually toyed with the thought of leveraging myself into England, even to
the point of sending out my CV.  But I've found that U.K. programmers earn a
fraction of U.S. programmers when you factor cost of living and currency
conversions (BTW, for those interested, as of a year ago, the currency
conversion US to UK was almost exactly inverse of the cost of living
adjustment.  That means you can compare UK salaries to US salaries on an
amount to amount basis).

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