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Neil asked...

> I have a question for you.  It concerns "Eight Days of Luke" (which I
> haven't read yet).  Someone on a Harry Potter message board I'm involved
> with posted a comparison between "Luke" and JK Rowling's "HP & The
> Philosopher's Stone".  A magazine had claimed that JKR had plagiarised
> of DWJ's work and cited this as a particularly blatant example.
My first reaction (having read both) was "Huh?"  Okay, both books feature a
boy who has to live with lousy relations.  Both books feature a boy who find
something very well hidden.  As far as I can see, that's about where the
similarity ends.  Harry Potter, for a start, gets away from his dread family
to school.  David comes home from school to be stuck with his dread family
for the holidays.  Harry is a magician; David is a normal boy who
accidentally lets a supernatural personage free (I'm trying to be really
vague here so as not to spoil "Luke" too much for you).  Harry succeed with
his magic and his friends.  David succeeds on his own wits, with a little
input from potential friends.

I have to admit, I think this whole "JKR ripped off DWJ" thing is completely
overblown and probably exists only in the minds of a few scandal-mongers.  I
assume you've heard that JKR also allegedly ripped off Neil Gaiman?  Some
people just have too much time on their hands.

And my final thought on the matter:  JKR is good, if a bit simplistic, and
should provide an excellent stepping stone for young (and older) readers to
graduate to DWJ. :-)  I have a couple of (grown-up) friends enthusiastially
reading HP at the moment; I plan to shove DWJ at them as soon as they
finish.  Anyone got suggestions for a particularly good book to start them

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