Eight Days of Luke & Harry Potter

Neil Ward neilward at dircon.co.uk
Wed Aug 2 05:54:41 EDT 2000

Hi all,

It's gone really quiet on this list. Is everyone on holiday?

I have a question for you.  It concerns "Eight Days of Luke" (which I
haven't read yet).  Someone on a Harry Potter message board I'm involved
with posted a comparison between "Luke" and JK Rowling's "HP & The
Philosopher's Stone".  A magazine had claimed that JKR had plagiarised much
of DWJ's work and cited this as a particularly blatant example.

I had noticed some vague similarities and 'coincidences', having read a few
of DWJ's books.  My assumption was that JKR had read DWJ books as a child
(she's the right age [35] to have read them as they were released). Overall
though, as I've said before, they have different styles and I like both.

Any thoughts on this?  Apologies if this has been discussed before. I tend
to read the archives only when I've read the books discussed, but I'm
interested to know what you think about this accusation.


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