Mixed Magics

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Eastercon was good despite poor programming and the absence of DWJ. I tried
hard, but I didn't see any centaurs, magids or intergalactic emperors. There
were plenty of the other types of people in Deep Secret, though, including
the artist Zinca is believed to be based on. As far as I know Year of the
Griffin is due in the autumn, which usually means any time from August on.
We'll have to keep alert.
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>> I've just got back from the Eastercon SF convention in Glasgow, but sadly
>> DWJ wasn't there. But the new short story collection was there! It's
>> Mixed Magics,
>Hope you had a good time at the con spotting all the types from Deep
>Secrets. The cover of Mixed Magics is AWFUL but I enjoyed the stories. It's
>good to see more material available. Any news about Year of the Griffin?
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