Archers Goon as a BBC miniseries?

jenwa jhsung at MIT.EDU
Sun Apr 30 00:54:45 EDT 2000

i think this would be a good time to give an update on the set of Archer's Goon
videotape that was circulating around this side of the Atlantic thanks to the
kind offices of Helen Scott.

1) somehow, while moving stuff in my homedir around to try to make room for my
thesis, i lost my record of the list of people who wanted to view it.  i can't
figure out what happened to it.  :(
what i do still have is addresses for Jill Wadsworth (WA), Suzanne Wones (MA),
Melissa Proffitt (UT), Elise McMullin (VA), and Mary Ann Dimand (CA).  please,
if you think you should be on the list or want to get on the list and are not
one of these people, email me with your address.

2) distressingly, the tape was sent to someone who was on the list, but passed
away in the interim without the realization of myself or the person sending the
tape.  we've tried writing to the same address hoping they may forward it to me,
offering to reimburse shipping costs, but so far to no avail.  however, the
person happened to be living in Minneapolis, where i'm from when not at college
and will be visiting in June, and i will try to stop by the address then and see
if i can unearth the tape.  if i can't... well, i do have a copy, but it's of
extremely poor quality, but people are welcome to it if they so desire.

i'm just waiting for the third horrible thing to happen.  argh.
i'm so sorry this is such a mess... it was going fine before all this...

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