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Sat Apr 29 17:10:30 EDT 2000

Welcome to the list, Bettina!
	I'm also in the process of rereading books I read as a child and picking
up on all the nuances and things I missed when I read them before, even for
the twentieth time.  <grin>  Of the DWJ books, I have reread Archer's Goon,
The Lives of Christopher Chant, Howl's Moving Castle, and Dogsbody so far.
I'm also a college student so I have to squeeze work in there too...<sigh>
I finally figured out something about the ending of Dogsbody  that I kept
missing as a kid.  Kathleen says that Sirius always needed her to look
after him, whatever shape he was in; Mrs. Smith says something like, "Where
need is great enough a way can often be found," and then there's a little
note about the sphere next to Sirius's remaining unoccupied because Sirius
hopes that what Mrs. Smith says is true.  I only just figured that part out
now and I felt pretty dense!  Oh well; does anyone know if there is or is
going to be a sequel to Dogsbody?  It would be fascinating to hear about
how one of Sol's creatures becomes a luminary...or at least gets to hold a
sphere...especially if DWJ tells the story!  :)  Besides the fact that
Dogsbody is possibly my favorite book and I would so much like to hear more
about the characters.  Oh well, that book was written quite awhile ago so I
don't know if there will ever be a follow-up if there's isn't one already...
	Bye for now; have a good day!

Janice and Pavi
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