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Sat Apr 29 15:47:43 EDT 2000

"Marcia McGinley & Greg Ingram" <McGinley at OnAustralia.com.au> wrote:

I was browsing through the Amazon.com.list of recommendations for "older
children" to read while waiting for the new harry potter to see if DWJ was
mentioned (she wasn't) and came across a series by Lemony Snicket called "A
Series of Unfortunate Events" - there seem to be about four titles in the
series.  Has anyone read them? Are they any good?

My mom got me the first two for Christmas--they are neat books, though nowhere
near DWJ caliber.  The series centers around the unfortunate adventures of
three siblings; on the back it says that if you are looking for a happy story
with a cheerful ending to get another book.  The author writes in a very
distinctive style, which gets a little repetitive at times, but they are
amusing stories.  The fourth one just came out and I am unsure how many there
will be altogether.  I wrote to the author and got back a silly, cutsie form
letter that Snickett was doing research on a submarine in the North Atlantic
or something and unable to answer himself.  I felt a little miffed because I
was writing as a teacher and wanted some serious info regarding the books!

His style reminds me of a cross between E. Nesbit and Roald Dahl, but they are
very unique.  The books themselves are also quite attractive, being a nice
hardcover with great illustrations and they just feel good in the hand.  I
have all four and plan on using them in the classroom--kids like them a lot.


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