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Thu Apr 27 06:26:09 EDT 2000

Hi - I'm new to the list - and it's just wonderful to find other DWJ fans! I
teach English and do my best to spread the good word..........

 "Wynne Jones's novel won the Guardian Award for Children's Books back in
> >1977, but then fell into obscurity. "
> Yeah, only if you're a mainstream reader, I guess...  :)  What exactly is
> obscurity, I ask you?  Everyone *I* know has read _Charmed Life_.  Oh,
wait, that's because I made them read it.  Oops.

I have the same experience - my daughter, niece, god-daughter, friends,

> I noticed this recently--they're all labeled "The Chrestomanci Series
> #(whatever)"  Interesting since you can pretty much read the books in any
> order; my take on this is that it's a marketing issue, and clever of the
> publisher, even if a little misleading.

They did the same thing with teh Dalemark books - Cart And Cwidder and
Spellcoats were stand-alone novels long before they repackaged the set when
"Crown of Dalemark" came out.

> > This book and the others should plug the gap nicely for
> >anyone who can't wait for the arrival of the next Potter.
> I laugh myself breathless thinking of DWJ as something I read to pass the
> time waiting for a new Harry Potter.  More like, I *might* get the fourth
> Harry Potter sometime between now and _Year of the Griffin_....<<

Don't diss Rowling - she has a lot to learn from an expert like DWJ, but the
Potter books are good - and they get Year 7 boys to read - it's actually
*cool* to discuss HP books! (Sounds like a sauce.<g>)

> On the other hand, wouldn't it be great to snag some new DWJ fans this
> "Oh, I know it's hard waiting for _Doomspell Tournament_; here's something
> you might enjoy in the meantime...."<<

That's what I say to my pupils all the time..........

They don't seem to be reissuing "Ogre Downstairs", which is a pity - it's
one of my favourites.

Gill Othen

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