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Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at
Wed Apr 26 18:35:23 EDT 2000

Read with caution - may include some slight spoilers ;)

I just finished reading 'The Crown and Court Duet' by Sherwood Smith, 
the last two books of the most recent pile of books I ordered from abroad
- all of them because some of you (I can't remember who) had
recommended them. I must say that I agree with the conversation that there
was some time ago about the ending of the duet being somewhat predictable
- for me, at least, the type of relationship the the two main characters -
Meliara and Vidanric - were goinig to have by the end of the book 
was obvious after having only read half of the first of the two books, but
the knowledge did not diminish the joy of reading the story by a tiniest

I want to thank you all for sharing the knowledge revealing the
existence of your favourit books (even some of which I had never heard of
- Finland is not always quite the best place to find our kinds of books,
hardly anything interesting ever gets translated, but luckily bookshops
and even libraries have a moderate selection of such works in original,
and Czech Rapublic, where I'm living now, is no better - unless your Czech
is VERY fluent - next to nothing is available in the original, but they do
translate a lot ) - also those written by authors other than DWJ, because
I might never have come to read them otherwise and would thus have missed
many pleasant moments. 
Following (mostly lurking) your dicussions about interesting-sounding 
books several of you seemed to have liked I ventured into buying some of
them - and ended up enjoying each and every one of them. 
I loved Sheri S. Tepper's 'Beauty' due to the wittiness of its allusions
and the beauty of the language - not to mention the entertaining and
moving story, Diane Duane's 'So You Want to Be a Wizard' and Michael
Ende's 'The Night of Wishes' because they were so much fun they really
made me wish I'd had first encountered them when I was 10-15 years younger
so I could have now read them again and compared my responses to the text,
Kristen D. Randle's 'The Only Alien on the Planet' touched me and was so
well written it reminded me of an old favourite of mine 'Flowers to
Algernon' (or 'Charlie' as a film), Heinlein's 'Door into Summer' was one
of the best books about moving back and forth in time I've ever read, 
Sleator's 'Oddballs' made me laugh and wish I'd had that kind of family -
although there was...IS...nothing wrong with the one I do have...

I know I propably *should* be writing my final essays for my courses, as
my time here in Czech Republic draws close to its end. But gobbling up
good fantasy is sometimes... well, often so much more delighting than
burying oneself into dusty piles of old documents to doing serious

Hoping to hear about you all soon,


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