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I enjoyed all 3 Wren books.  My then pre-teen daughter never quite connected
to them, not sure why. Not sure I'd spring for $20 worth, but certainly
worth keeping an eye out at your favorite used bookstore (whether that's
on-line or bricks & mortar).  We both read and re-read Patricia C. Wrede's
dragon books (Talking to Dragons, Calling on Dragons, and 2 more) as well as
her Mairelon books, Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward.  Great stuff!
I just told her about upcoming Year of the Griffin and she was not too
dignified to do a dance about it.
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>> I've just discovered that I've lost my copy of Hexwood and it seems to be
>> out of print. How could this happen? Why are there contless copies of
>> Sweetvalley High available when DWJ is no longer on the shelves!
>> Alex
>> What a disaster. Hexwood is definitely in my top three. Try Bibliofind,
>I've had excellent service from them.
>BTW I like to read series of books from the beginning and you lot have got
>me interested in Sherwood Smith. Is it worth spending $20 on a second hand
>copy of Wren to the Rescue or should I just go for the Court books and if
>which first?
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