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"a sequel to Dark Lord".  Yummm!! My daughter and I will definitely latch on
to that.  Question: In Dark Lord of Derkholm, there are lots of references
to Derk's previous adventures (and Mara's too, I believe).  Did I miss a
previous book, or are those stories yet to be told?  Would love to hear
there's a book out there we missed! I also enjoyed Deep Secrets, and the
messages on this list are encouraging me to go back and reread Sudden Wild
Magic.  My favorite though is probably still Howl's Moving Castle.  My
daughter took my copy to school, left it in her locker, and it came home
with extremely peculiar mold growths on it.  Many possible explanations,
some of which would fit well in DWJ books.

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>>  Amazon lists it as up-coming in September and October, and on another
>>  gives the price as US$15.95.
>>  Bookfinder, most  annoyingly, lists a book called Year of the Griffin
>>  Reading Group Guide, but when you click on that title, it comes up as a
>>  "sorry".
>>  Has anyone heard anything about this one, or is it a phantom?
>YEAR OF THE GRIFFIN was listed in Publishers' Weekly Fall children's Sneak
>preview as "a sequel to Dark Lord".
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