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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Thu Apr 13 18:00:51 EDT 2000

	Hi Meredith, glad to see you out and about!

	"I'll be including some news I got from Diana a while ago now, that
most of you already know. Her children's books will be reprinted by
HarperCollins this year, and they are also producing the new book of
Chrestomanci stories, only two of which have been published in Britain
before, and one of which was written specially for the collection."

	After years of famine - time to feast!

	"This concerns Tonino from Magicians of Caprona, when he is visiting

	!!  I wonder if they run tests on his strange magical gifts - we'll
have to wait and see.

	"Finally, the other exciting film news is that someone (don't know
who) would like to do The Homeward Bounders."

	No way!!!  Oh oh oh, what about that conversation we had months ago
about fearing Tom Cruise getting the role of Konstam!  DWJ on film - twice!
Pinch me.  It can't be real.  Good is rewarded.  Crime doesn't pay.  My
faith in humanity is restored with a single email.  Thank you Meredith.

	I hope all Eastercon attendees plan to take detailed and copious
mental notes to share with the rest of us  :)
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