long de-lurk

Meredith MacArdle meredith at leemac.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Apr 13 17:41:37 EDT 2000

Hi everybody. I have been lurking on the list for months and trying to keep
up with the conversation, but since I don’t read emails that often, I always
fall behind in the topics, so I’ve never contributed before. But, I’ve
really appreciated some of the insights you’ve all offered.

I produce a fanzine on DWJ called ‘Charmed Lives’. The first 3 issues are on
the web, courtesy of Eleanor Joslin, at http://altern.org/charmedlives

I’m currently working on another issue in time for the British SF convention
at Easter. (If anyone else is going to that, let me know and we should try
to meet). The fanzine will go on the web eventually, but if anyone would
like a paper copy posted to them, just let me know
 meredith at leemac.freeserve.co.uk )

I’ll be including some news I got from Diana a while ago now, that most of
you already know. Her children’s books will be reprinted by HarperCollins
this year, and they are also producing the new book of Chrestomanci stories,
only two of which have been published in Britain before, and one of which
was written specially for the collection. This concerns Tonino from
Magicians of Caprona, when he is visiting England.

The Year of the Griffin, the sequal to Dark Lord of Derkholm, will be
published this year by Gollancz, who did Dark Lord and who plan to do Diana’
s future ‘adult’ books.

Finally, the other exciting film news is that someone (don’t know who) would
like to do The Homeward Bounders.

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