Le Goon D'Archer?

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Thu Apr 13 17:14:42 EDT 2000

> Reading an article in a text-book on France in the eighteenth century a
> few
> days ago, I came across the following:
>          "... one of the most crucial areas of the state - taxation - was
>          "farmed" out to a group of wealthy financiers."
What fiendish timing you have Hallie - since I have to fill out my tax forms
tonight - I will be thinking about government waste and powerful special
interests all the more now!  Especially since I live right near the pentagon
- that bastion of $150 toilet seats - bah!

> That really woke me up, as I was reading Archer's Goon to Cara and had
> just read the section where they first meet Archer the night before.  To
> refresh your memories, Quentin asks Archer how he got to be a millionaire,
> and Archer replies that he got the money from taxes, and says "We all farm
> the taxes."
I never thought deeply about this before. I like how dwj just puts it in
right there in a sort of innocuous off-hand way - and it is Quentin who gets
upset at that - and then it turns out that Quentin isn't the most regular
tax payer in the world (only not a millionaire either, hmm).  But really,
now at tax season  I notice just how snotty and offensive farming taxes
really is.  It's an outrage, by gum! grump grump grump....

> I hope it won't seem as if I've gone completely round the twist if I admit
> that I got a good deal of amusement out of considering the family as a
> sort
> of modern-day ruling class of the ancien regime!  
First up against the wall when the revolution comes  ;)

> Dillian seemed to fit
> especially well, coming down the grand staircase of her "castle", with 
> her reverential be-wigged footman. 
Sort of Montespan or Maintenon type?

>  Torquil made a grand first estate type
> clergy too, though.
Talleyrand?  He's a bit late though...

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