Le Goon D'Archer?

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Apr 13 16:52:56 EDT 2000

Reading an article in a text-book on France in the eighteenth century a few
days ago, I came across the following:
         "... one of the most crucial areas of the state - taxation - was
         "farmed" out to a group of wealthy financiers."
That really woke me up, as I was reading Archer's Goon to Cara and had
just read the section where they first meet Archer the night before.  To
refresh your memories, Quentin asks Archer how he got to be a millionaire,
and Archer replies that he got the money from taxes, and says "We all farm
the taxes."

I hope it won't seem as if I've gone completely round the twist if I admit
that I got a good deal of amusement out of considering the family as a sort
of modern-day ruling class of the ancien regime!  Dillian seemed to fit
especially well, coming down the grand staircase of her "castle", with her
reverential be-wigged footman.  Torquil made a grand first estate type
clergy too, though.

hallieod at indigo.ie

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