Mailing list archives again

Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 13 12:24:36 EDT 2000

Since I was silly and wrote the first announcement when I was tired, I
forgot something I wanted to say.

The user interface on the HTML archive really isn't very good.  And before
people get worried theat I'm picking on poor Deborah, she thinks so too.
:)  Basically, the scripts come set to create a default interface, and
that interface isn't a particulary good one for any archive that's more
than 1-2 hundred messages. The archive doesn't get sectioned in any
useful fashion and you can't jump through the list at all, you just have
to page through it.  There aren't even any "beginning of index" or "end of
index" links.

So I'll also be working on a better configuration for the user interface
(after I'm done with udating feature). People who have suggestions or
requests should feel free to email me.  In fact, if there's enough
interest, we could even have a thread on the list to dicuss potential
changes (but I don't want to spam people who aren't interested).  I'll be
consulting with Deborah before I make huge changes, and there's a
possibility of making changes temporaily for people to test them and give
feedback.  If I wind up doing that I'll make announcements when the
changes are ready to be tested.  If there's not much general interest, the
announcements could be sent only to people who expressed an interest in
getting them.

If you understood that... good!  If you didn't, blame it on the fact that
I'm still not awake yet (being considerably nightshifted).  (You'd think
I'd learn after posting while sleepy the *first* time... :)


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