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Tue Apr 11 08:37:33 EDT 2000

I've been rereading A SUDDEN WILD MAGIC. It really grows on me, that book.
This is my fourth reading and I'm discovering again how funny it is. I
finally got around to investigating the Deux Chevaux that Tod inherits from
the reluctant Brother Tony on Earth.

>From DWJ's descriptions of it ---

"motley little monster" 

"a debased copy of a dim notion of a car"

"It had a domed top, like the head of an amiable but stupid dog, and a
curious posture, down at the front end and up at the back, as if the stupid
dog were engaged in sniffing the gutter......"

it's obviously some car! 
If anyone else wants to meet it, so to speak, go to 


for a splendid picture.

At another site, http://www.jbit.com/air-c.htm, it gets this rather damning

"Take a good look at these pictures and see if you can guess why the Deux
Chevaux  Citroën is the least-stolen automobile in the whole, wide,
pleasantly-turning world..."

Got to love it, eh?

In the light of what has been said about DWJ's mother, it's not only the
Lady Marceny who might be a portrait. Amanda and Zillah's mother sounds
very Aunt Maria-like.


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