"Enter the Worlds of Chrestomanci"

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Fri Apr 7 18:17:10 EDT 2000

	Hallie said:
	"Sorry, Elise - I wrote that and then went off to bed, so I
sincerely hope
> you didn't sit glued to your computer at work all night!"
	heh heh, the lure of a balmy spring evening drew me away.

	That was a very weird story - but no less than I would expect of dwj
- delightful and inexplicable surprises!  I think her story about the island
that rose up when they went sailing freaked me out the most.

	Probably there is a perfectly rational explanation for these
things... right?

	But is it the most enjoyable explanation?

	"HA!  Can you imagine they were rude to _her_?"

	Is there no shelter from philistinism?

	"Actually, I could send you a copy of the booklet, if you'd like,
Elise.  Or
> several copies if anyone else Stateside is interested..."
	That would be great!  Address to follow....

and a good weekend to all!

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