"Enter the Worlds of Chrestomanci"

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Apr 7 04:37:21 EDT 2000

>        "I do _not_ like the picture of Chrestomanci, whose face is far too
>long and
>> coarse for my liking, but the interview is quite interesting.  Everyone
>> heard the story about DWJ casting the spell - at a Convention in America?"
>        No!! Tell! Tell!  I can't leave the computer until you tell!

Sorry, Elise - I wrote that and then went off to bed, so I sincerely hope
you didn't sit glued to your computer at work all night!

This is free but still copyright, so if I'm doing something wrong here -
well, you lot had just better protect me.

"Have you ever cast a magic spell?  And did it work?

Yes, I accidentally cast a spell in America at a Convention.  Everybody was
so rude to me that I got angrier and angrier.  Right at the end there was a
panel on "Music and Magic" and everybody on the panel began on the usual
rude stuff; and I, trying _not_ to lose my temper, clasped my fingers
around the microphone and said, "Music and Magic is like _this_!  I meant
my entwined fingers, but the PA system at once began to play Schubert's
Unfinished Symphony at volume, until I took my hands away.  Everyone looked
at me sideways and became _much_ more polite after that."

HA!  Can you imagine they were rude to _her_?

Actually, I could send you a copy of the booklet, if you'd like, Elise.  Or
several copies if anyone else Stateside is interested...

hallieod at indigo.ie

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