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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Apr 6 17:27:29 EDT 2000

Melissa wrote:
>Thanks to the list discussion on Sherwood Smith, I finally got _Crown Duel_
>and _Court Duel_ from the library.  VERY enjoyable.  Enough so that I
>ordered my own hardcover copies (not out in PB yet).  After I read them, I
>tried to track down some of the earlier discussion to compare my own
>reactions.  Sarah said they were predictable--totally true; I think there
>was maybe one thing that surprised me.  Just another example of how much our
>own preferences affect our reading enjoyment.  They were predictable, but I
>liked seeing the story unfold anyway.  If I'd read these when I was younger
>(not physically possible, but still) I would have been totally blown away.
>There's a feel to the world that I very much enjoyed.  I think my only
>complaint was that there was so much worldbuilding that never really got
>used, like the passing references to a person or a culture that came from
>another world.  It didn't seem out of place in the world, but it wasn't
>relevant to the story, so I was never sure how much attention to pay to
>those side comments.  Another thing that intrigued me was how similar the
>two main characters were to Elizabeth and Darcy in _Pride and Prejudice_; on
>the surface, they were completely different, but their underlying motives
>and impulses were practically identical.

Hooray!  I'm so glad you liked these, Melissa.  And that's such a cool
comparison with Elizabeth and Darcy.... though I _completely_ disagree with
it, I'm afraid. <ducking for cover>

Phew.  The world still seems to be intact!  (Just in case this has not made
into the FAQs yet - all newbies have to realize that Melissa is Always
Right!  And dire consequences may ensue from our not always remembering

Hallie - who will never do anything so rash again - probably. ;-)
hallieod at indigo.ie

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