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Wed Apr 5 20:18:38 EDT 2000

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, McMullin, Elise wrote:

> 	Sally said:
> > 	"Aghhh! Roots! The heroine in my current novel has been trying
> > to eat Roots and having little luck. Alas, I also caught her
> > wearing a Cloak, the hussy... I hastily took it away and
> > substituted a Mantle."

> 	A hee hee hee.  Have you ever read the old story Cap O'
> Rushes?  Kind of a Cinderella variation, mixed with King Lear.  The
> heroine is kicked out for plain speaking to her dad.  She goes to
> the river and weaves herself a cloak out of rushes which conceals
> and protects her good clothes.  Then she finds work in the kitchens
> of the king (resourceful, I like it).  I never see a handmade cloak
> like that in other stories.  I like it because it kind of takes the
> cliche out of the Cloak, but you still get to have a cloak and it's
> kind of elemental. 

I can't say without knowing what happens after she gets a job in the
kitchens, but it sounds like a story I've heard a couple of times.
I think there's even a version of it in Jim Henson's _Storyteller_
I always liked it because I felt that the leads *deserved* to live
happily ever after - the heroine makes her own luck, and the hero
finds her in the end by being observant and intelligent, not by
carrying some stupid shoe around and hoping that the first person it
fits will be the right one.

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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