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Wed Apr 5 18:34:33 EDT 2000

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000 16:05:48 +0100, Alex wrote:

>I'm new to the list and a fervent reader of DWJ. 

Hi Alex!
>My favourite book of all is Fire and Hemlock, though I find the transition
>of Polly from child to lover rather disconcerting.

I have the same problem--or rather, did the first time.  Now it's still odd,
but not as much of a shock as it was the first time through.  I love it
because it's really "about" so many things; not just the fantasy story, but
about growing up and dealing with divorce and friendship and so forth.  It's
definitely my favorite.

>I looked back on some of your previous discussions and saw that many of you
>didn't like the end of the Dalemark chronicles. I really enjoyed it actually
>though it's better on a second or thrid reading.

I actually liked the series, but I found I liked it even better when I read
it all at once.  The point about DWJ being critical of our views of time is
a good one in reference to this series; I discovered that you could read the
first three books in ANY ORDER and it still makes sense.  I wonder if that's
part of why _The Crown of Dalemark_ seems to me so out of place in the
series; it ties everything together and really has to be read last, instead
of being part of that free-flowing story that the first three are.

>Alex (PS, I'm female though that may not be relevant!)

My daughter is named Aerin, and it makes a difference to her (though it's
mainly when you hear it pronounced that the gender issue is a problem).

Melissa Proffitt
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