favourite books

Tony Fox tonyfox at beeb.net
Wed Apr 5 17:28:27 EDT 2000

My favourite DWJ book is Deep Secret.I've been to a few conventions and
DWJ's portrayal is wickedly accurate. Like almost all her books I am left
wanting to know waht happened to the characters next. For instance , in
Archer's Goon did Howard manage to bring Awful and himself up right or not?
And did the new Reigner's Hand make a go of it or fall apart at the seams?
And there are so many unexplored worlds in the Deep secret universe, I'd
love to visit some more. Perhaps leaving the reader wanting more is a sign
of a good book. I can't get enough if Diane Duane's "Wizard " world either
or of Lois Mcmaster Bujold's Barryar

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