[New to the list Fire and Hemlock]

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Wed Apr 5 11:50:48 EDT 2000

"Alex" <alex.mb at zoo.co.uk> wrote:

>My favourite book of all is Fire and Hemlock, 

Mine too!  Ahh, how I love that book....

>I looked back on some of your previous discussions and saw that many of >you
didn't like the end of the Dalemark chronicles. I really enjoyed it 

You know, I really liked the last one too, but I didn't say much before
because everyone was rather disappointed by it.  I thought it wrapped things
up pretty well-I remember not being able to put it down.  And then pouring
over the appendix in the back and exclaiming over all the things revealed. 
SPELLCOATS is my other favorite in that Quartet.  I like all the history she
creates and then figuring out how it incorporates into the rest of the


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