McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Wed Apr 5 11:06:00 EDT 2000

	Sally said:

	"Aghhh! Roots! The heroine in my current novel has been trying to
eat Roots
> and having little luck. Alas, I also caught her wearing a Cloak, the
> hussy... I hastily took it away and substituted a Mantle."
	A hee hee hee.  Have you ever read the old story Cap O' Rushes?
Kind of a Cinderella variation, mixed with King Lear.  The heroine is kicked
out for plain speaking to her dad.  She goes to the river and weaves herself
a cloak out of rushes which conceals and protects her good clothes.  Then
she finds work in the kitchens of the king (resourceful, I like it).  I
never see a handmade cloak like that in other stories.  I like it because it
kind of takes the cliche out of the Cloak, but you still get to have a cloak
and it's kind of elemental.

	"If my heroine is Good, yet has dark hair, wears a Mantle instead of
> Cloak, knows that Horses do not breed by cross-pollination, decides that
> Torture is not worth the pain... is she (gulp) truly a Heroine? Is she
> even a Talented Girl?"
	Let's see.  It has been a while. If she also has brown or black
eyes, isn't she a Faithful Friend and companion?  If she has blue or gray
eyes or something - isn't she some sort of healer person?  Maybe she is
totally not actually the daughter of a wizard or ruler.  Maybe she is
actually competent and able without benefit of special powers, supposedly
special genetic heritage, or fated special destiny.  Impossible! As The
Sicilian in the Princess Bride said, "Inconceivable!" How can I suspend my
disbelief if it's just so unlikely??   ;)

	Go for it Sally!

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