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Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi
Wed Apr 5 10:38:50 EDT 2000

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:
> For Open University I had to read Wide Sargasso Sea, Jean Rhys.  We haven't
> started the work on it, so I've no idea what we're supposed to appreciate
> about this book, but just for me as a reading experience - YUCK!
> Anyone read any of these and have comments?  Anyone not read any and have
> comments?  It's awfully quiet out there.

Well, I think I have had to read the book also. At first, I did not quite
like the book - I still don't, but after I learnt thet the main character
in this book is actually the mad wife of Mr. Rochester's from _Jane Eyre_,
I began to see in the book what the author, supposedly, wanted her readers
to see. 
Rhys did not like the way Mr. Rochester's mad wife was represented in 
_Jane Eyre_, because practically nothing was said about her. She felt that
there was something missing in the book, such as the reason why she
was/became mad. She felt that there was a need for her story to be told
and, as her story was not already told she invented it. There needed to be
a beginning, preferably a good, or at least a passionate one for their
love story, or otherwise they would probably never have ended up married
in the first place. And Rhys also wanted to show in her book that the girl
was a victim (of sorts)...
I would give you a more accurate answer if I had my copy of the book
available, but unfourtunately I'm still a more than a thousand miles away
from Finland nad my home -my home is where my bookshelves are- studying in
Prague for a while, still. 
This city is a book lovers' Mecca, with the possible exception of those
who value English language phantasy. In the dozens and dozens of
bookshops all round the city, only some Harry Potter books can be found -
not much else. But science fiction, on the other hand, is largely
available - as long as you can speak (or read) Czech... 


P.S. Yeah, you're right - it has been awfully quiet on the list, lately!

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