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McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Wed Sep 29 11:03:43 EDT 1999

	Alexandra wrote:
	"...to everyone on the list who recommended Dead Can Dance and
> Mahy.  Just as I was panicking that, having read almost all of Diana Wynne
> Jones' novels, I'd be left all alone on cold, cheerless pre-exam or
> pre-deadline days, you marvellous people introduce me to such splendid
> stuff as "Changeover" and "Toward the Within"."
	Alright!  I'm glad to help introduce people to things they like -
it's one of my favorite things to do & so it's very gratifying when it

	Er, I'm going to indulge my dcd fandom a second here:
	Can you believe Lisa Gerrard's voice??  The first time I heard their
music, it was one of her wordless soaring pieces (Echoes is a syndicated
radio show which really likes dcd - that's where I came across it. They have
a website at www.echoes.org with playlists and reviews etc.). I was already
mostly asleep having a dream about flying over green forested hills.  The
music kind of insinuated itself into the dream and I can't describe exactly
- suddenly the whole thing got really sublime and more real and I felt this
incredibly strong homesickness/longing and I thought "I'm finally home now
and I forgot that this is the language here.  I speak it too."  Then I sort
of realized I was asleep but I was afraid to wake up in case the music was
part of the dream and I'd never hear it again.  

	So naturally, when I woke up to find it continuing I was
incredulous.  I went to find their music the next day.  What an

	Changeover spoilers:
	Thanks to folks on the list I read Changeover again myself after
ages (like, since it came out when I was a kid).  I think Carmody Bracque
(was there a "c" in it?) is such an excellent name for a bad guy.  And Sally
you are so right about his being afraid to die being at the bottom of it.  I
also really liked the stamp idea. Very horrifying!


	p.s.  I was entertaining the idea that the common link between music
like dcd and authors like dwj, for me,  may be that these people are
pursuing their own ideas and expressing themselves in a very straightforward
and distinctive way.  People doing very well at being themselves?
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