Price of Magic.

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Sep 28 13:03:38 EDT 1999

Elise wrote:
>        Side thought: is there any way to dodge cost? Dodging cost seems to
>be a detour or to exact its own cost. Immutably?

Funny, I was musing over that exact thought in my kitchen yesterday!  I'd
just come up with a trio of costs;  the cost (to yourself) of getting
something you think valuable, the cost (to yourself) of trying to get
someone else to pay that cost, and the cost of denying that you value or
have the ability to try to achieve the object of value.  I'd say there's no
way to dodge it.  However, I think that might be looking at it with the
"chilly" side of Laurel's logic.  I bet we could come up with something
more elegant than AFOG or whatever doesn't kill you...
Warning: personal aside here.  Avoid if you want.
A few years ago, my life was extremely difficult (that's the polite way to
put it).  Anyway, in a support group we were talking a lot about the
inevitability of the intensely unpleasant emotions we were all
experiencing.  The important point was that the *only* way to the other
side of them was right through them.  No avoidance.  It came to me that the
ultimate indignity of all was that I was living a Barney song.  (Altogether
now: Can't go under it, can't go around it, gotta go *through* it!)   I'd
have been happier to think I was living a DWJ world.

>Instead of thinking I had withering thumb on real plants, I should  use that
>withering thumb on the ivy-like misapprehension
>idea fixee (like Sophie?).

Loved this!  I was going to say that your posts were great mental
fertilizer for me, when I realized just how that might sound.  Think
seaweed, rich compost - NOT material which has just emerged from the wrong
end of a large ruminant!

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