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Mon Sep 27 23:06:42 EDT 1999

>Before, he was passive and unknowing.  But now, even if he passively allows
>her to use his magic one last time, he still did it.  Whether he just
>supplied her the fuel, or whether he gave her an enchanter's push, it
>couldn't have happened without him - and he knew it.  I'd call it an
>overwhelming temptation!  Also one of those temptations replete with irony -
>what did Cat do but play the faithful brother helping his sister get what
>she wanted one last time? But with a difference.  Perhaps, I'd hazard to say
>probably, Cat didn't know himself if he allowed her to jump or helped push.

Aha!  Yes, this is exactly what my muddled brain was thinking.  And
whether Cat actively assisted her or just allowed her to do as she had
before, he would have felt guilty when Chrestomanci prodded him on it.
And Chrestomanci prodded him because it was certainly obvious to an
enchanter like him that Cat had to at least allow Gwendolen, if not
give her a boost-  

<thunk> I just got struck by a thought- 

>  "Sealed herself in that world," said Chrestomanci. He was even
>  more shaken. "Isn't that so, Cat?" he said.

It would account for Chrestomanci being even more shaken if he *had*
been able to tell and if *what* he had been able to tell was that Cat
had given her a boost.  The fact that Cat finally acted to get away
from Gwendolen and without any real thought for what that would do to
the chain of "Gwendolens" in all of the other worlds would be what
shocked him... yes?  Which leads into some more ideas I've been
forming about magic... but that's for another post.

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