Price of Magic.

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Sep 27 22:10:22 EDT 1999

You know, it's just *so* great to read and
> consider all of your ideas because I can't tell you how many times I
> have *liked* to be having this conversation and couldn't find any spark
> interest in anyone I knew. 

That's exactly what i said to Melissa off list the other day. Since you
mention it, Elise, I'll copy the relevant part of that letter for the rest
of you...

>> Anyway, thanks for your response.
> >Melissa Proffitt
> --

Thank *you* Melissa! I don't often get a chance to discuss something that
fascinates me with someone who can not only understand why I'm interested
but who can take my comments in the light of theorising or speculation
rather than dogma. 

I often write articles on writing matters for an on-line mag called
NovelAdvice and I get a bit of feedback, but what I'd really like is a nice
spirited discussion. And that's the best thing about the DWJ link. 

I don't meet many people in real life who share my interest in this kind of
thing. Even the other professional writers rarely want to indulge me in a
good discussion... and of course most of the academics I know are too
intelligent to want to talk to me at all!

> 	And basically, isn't Laurel just scared of dying?  Rock bottom,
> isn't that what it's all about? Just a being who is scared and selfish
> has the means in her hands to come up with a solution that makes people
> through untimely what it is past time for her to get busy doing herself. 

I agree with this reading, Elise. It's very similar to the situation in
Margaret Mahy's THE CHANGEOVER. There's a demon who just doesn't want to
die - so it sucks the life from children. 

> 	Then there is the cost of her lost opportunity - someone as powerful
> as she could, with a fertile mind and good heart, conceivably do some
> amazing things in the world, even locally on her own street and have a
> dynamic influence on others.  

She probably couldn't risk having the general population knowing her too

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