Ivy and Laurel (Diverging from RE: Price of Magic)

McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Mon Sep 27 16:14:16 EDT 1999

	Ooh, I just thought how instructive it is to consider Laurel and Ivy
in juxtaposition after looking at Hallie's post again.  Polly struggles
against one in average life and the other in unusual/story life. 

	Does anyone know anything about laurel?  A nymph turned into a tree,
crowning the victors of Greek games, roman propaganda value - that's all I

	But weren't we just saying that they had both choked off their
possibilities in different ways?  They've bound themselves.  It seems that
Laurel has done it masterfully and Ivy misguidedly.  Does Polly ever reflect
on this? I don't own this book, so I can't race to it and leaf through it

	I had thought Ivy's poor taste in companions was because she wasn't
paying attention, being too stuck in her viny prison.  But I wonder. Is
there - can there be comparison with Laurel and the sacrifice of others
(Polly?) here? Polly intends to extract Tom from Laurel's clutches. Ivy
accuses Polly of trying to extract David from her. Umm..hmm, just thought of
it this minute - don't have any useful insight yet at all.   There's really
so much I still don't think I understand about F&H (but I've printed out
many of the list emails on it to help!)


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