Archer Video

jenwa jhsung at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 27 10:32:22 EDT 1999

>     Ok, I have to interrupt the wonderful discussion on magic, but...
>regarding the Archer's Goon video, WHERE AM I ON THE LIST?!  Call me anxious,
>but I would really like to know!  Sorry for sending this to everyone, but I
>didn't know who had the master list or whatever.

the list is essentially in order of emailed requests i received, not
geographical location or anything like that.  Sarah, you are 7/8, so it might be
awhile.  the video has been sent off to Elise, the first person on the list. 
for everyone who receives the video: please email me both when you receive it
and when you send it off.  i will email you the address of the next person on
the list so you can send it to them when you are through.

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