Ettiquette panic

Philip.Belben at Philip.Belben at
Mon Sep 27 10:07:35 EDT 1999

I'm back.  And it seems the mail software was misbehaving while I was away...

> At least this particular 'bot is smart enough to reply to the sender
> and not the "from" field... I am on a list that has several hundred
> people on it and someone left for vacation for a month and left a
> mailbot on that was stupid enough that it replied to the "from" field
> and the whole list instead of the "sender" field and only the person
> who sent it... so *everyone* on the list got spammed everytime anyone
> sent a post!  It was maddening!

My apologies.  This is exactly what happened.

I had no idea it would pick the sender and not the "replyto" field, since the
mailer we use here (Lotus Notes) is very reluctant to let you reply to the
sender in the ordinary way (like, you can't even pick up the sender's address
and paste it into the "sendto" field of the reply).  I set it up and put the
addresses of the three main lists I belong to in the list of "don't send an
away-from-office message" addresses, not imagining it would send to the
individuals instead (or as well...).

I try to be careful with these messages - it is possible to set some mailers up
so that they reply to the list, the list forwards the message back to the person
concerned, the 'bot replies to the list...  Lists (I am told) have been totally
crashed this way...

> In message <001d01bf045f$ff6cfc40$74c4fad4 at default>,
lucy.mackintosh at
>  writes:
>>I've just received email from Philip Belben to say he's out of the office
>>and will reply on his return.  As far as I know, I haven't emailed him.
>>Does this mean that I've somehow managed to send my posts to this lists to
>>individuals as well?  I can't for the life of me see how, but my technical
>>skills are somewhat lacking.
>>If so, I'm very sorry and you're all much too polite and should have told
>>If not, then I'm rather confused.

No, the fault is entirely mine.

>>Either way, hope you're having a nice time out of the office, Philip.

Thanks, Lucy.  I was in a boat on the Grand Union Canal.  If you're in the UK,
or can get here easily, I heartily recommend a canal holiday.  Even Birmingham
becomes a nice place...


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