More _Fire and Hemlock_ (was: Re: Lion and Unicorn)

Carolyn Hotchkiss carolynh at
Sun Sep 26 22:47:10 EDT 1999

> I don't think she was even *rather* talented. Just enough to be able
> to borrow Cat's powers, and even that only with his cooperation.

Well, there's Talent and there's talent. She seems to have been pretty good
*at* magic even if she didn't have much. And she was able to borrow Cat's
powers even when she didn't have any magic.

> > And, somewhat off-thread, does anyone else on the list remember Ruth
> > Chew?

Read her a lot when I was younger, about when I was starting to read DWJ.

> I notice she hasn't survived as well as DWJ, though. I don't think her
> books had as much depth as DWJ's; they tended more toward straight
> adventure.

Yes, they were pretty simple, more like Edward Eager than DWJ, I think.
Haven't read any of hers in years.

(unceremoniously jumping in)

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