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On Sun, 26 Sep 1999 cme at MIT.EDU wrote:

> Oh, and in response to what people were saying about Charmed Life
> and Gwendolen... I could have *sworn* I remembered that Gwendolen
> did in fact have magic of her own, but that without using Cat's
> magic she was just a rather talented hedge witch, and that she had
> been using Cat's magic since he was born, so Cat hadn't known he'd
> had any.

I don't think she was even *rather* talented. Just enough to be able
to borrow Cat's powers, and even that only with his cooperation.

> And, somewhat off-thread, does anyone else on the list remember Ruth
> Chew?


> So was a not-totally-unpopular children's author about 12
> years ago... she wrote books a lot like Diana's in terms of what
> we've all said about the way she treats the maturity of children and
> adluts, and she also had the theme of magic in worlds very like
> ours.

I notice she hasn't survived as well as DWJ, though. I don't think her
books had as much depth as DWJ's; they tended more toward straight

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