More _Fire and Hemlock_ (was: Re: Lion and Unicorn)

cme at MIT.EDU cme at MIT.EDU
Sun Sep 26 16:31:58 EDT 1999

Wow... y'all are awfully impressive once you get going!  I haven't
read Fire and Hemlock in too long, so I can't take part in the
conversation directly, so I'll just sit and watch in awe as the posts
fly by... :) I have copies of so few books that I mostly have to be a

I was just trying to think if any of Diana's books (out of the ones
that I have read, of course...) incorporate a "price" for the
performance of magic... and not coming up with any.  They have all
seemed to work the way Sally was saying, like an artistic talent.
there doesn't seem to be any "running out" or "using up" involved,
just that you get too tired to do it anymore.  I guess that's always
how I thought it ought to work, without ever really being able to say
so.  I think that's why I love the way magic works in Diana's worlds
so much.

Good examples of the lack of "price" involved are Chestomanci at the
end of Charmed Life and Rupert all the way through Deep Secret.  They
got tired, and it got harder to focus and control the magic, but they
didn't stop being able to because of some artificially imposed

Oh, and in response to what people were saying about Charmed Life and
Gwendolen... I could have *sworn* I remembered that Gwendolen did in
fact have magic of her own, but that without using Cat's magic she was
just a rather talented hedge witch, and that she had been using Cat's
magic since he was born, so Cat hadn't known he'd had any.  I'll have
to dig my copy out of one of the boxes my stuff is *still* in from
moving and check...

And, somewhat off-thread, does anyone else on the list remember Ruth
Chew?  So was a not-totally-unpopular children's author about 12 years
ago... she wrote books a lot like Diana's in terms of what we've all
said about the way she treats the maturity of children and adluts, and
she also had the theme of magic in worlds very like ours... a lot of
her books were set in New York City (a place I always thought quite
unmagical :).  The only book title that I remember now is _The Witch's
Buttons_.   Ring any bells?

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