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McMullin, Elise mcmullea at
Fri Sep 24 17:36:09 EDT 1999

	Melissa said:

	"I didn't realize it either.  Not until I listened to the audio tape
> version--I read way too fast, I miss stuff all the time--did I realize
> that
> it was *Cat* who'd done it.  (The other thing I missed from _Charmed Life_
> was the truly perfect description of Chrestomanci as something like "a
> grand
> procession of one person"!)"
	Yes!  I tend to notice hmm, the funny parts.  For the loongest time
the real centerpiece of Charmed Life, for me, was Gwendolen's mischief.
Whenever I read it again, I could hardly wait to get to the description of
all the trees pressed up against the windows and imagining what that would
be like.  And the church service!  Classic.  And of course, the mirrors - it
just sounded so much like a person *ought* to be able to do that, because it
seemed such a naturally fun game.  Toy soldiers would be much improved if
animated, likewise. So, bemused by the realm of the senses and befuddled by
Chrestomanci's dressing gowns, I missed everything else.

	"I can never tell who the murderer is or anything like that unless
it's so glaringly obvious that it spoils the
> pleasure for me.  He, of course, is always saying "well you knew it was
> so-and-so who was really X's brother because of..." and I really hate
> that."
	<G> me too.  Outside of reading, missing details plagued me and
dogged me through math class after math class.  My eyes were just never on
the ball!  I've gotten a lot better about that over time, but it didn't come
naturally.  It came as a total surprise that being detail oriented can
increase enjoyment of whatever I'm concentrating on - since one sees more.  

	But, I will never forget the shock and disbelief on my b.f.'s face
when he caught me flipping to the back of a book he'd just loaned me. He was
flabbergasted.  I tried to explain that for me it's more a *how* it happens
than a *what* or a *who,*  but he still refers to me evil habit every now
and then :D

Melissa, I just got the Archer's Goon video yesterday and will be sending it
on next week (must watch it a few more times).  Many thanks to Jenwa and
Helen! Have a good weekend all -


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