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McMullin, Elise mcmullea at
Fri Sep 24 11:49:23 EDT 1999

	An oojamaflip? A dooverlackey?  I've never heard either of those
terms before - I like em.
	I'm very bad at spotting things.  Partly, I think I don't really
trust myself on it - I think perhaps it is just me.
	Take, for example, Charmed Life (Upcoming Spoilers).  That was the
first dwj I read so I've re-read it the longest.  It was long, long ages
before it sank in that, Gwendolen being without magic, it was unlikely that
she could have sealed herself into that next world.  I thought, "But, no.
But maybe!" and went back and re-read the whole ending part.  And I was
shocked.  Mainly I had been so complacently trusting about Cat - I mean, not
that he's bad but I just kind of overlooked him after deciding that he was a
nice, harmless kid whose side I was on - and didn't let the implications
sink in. 
	And then I treated the realization that he *did* have magic as the
typical realization of coolness in books - hero realizes he is the kidnapped
heir, the two beauteous young people realize they really love each other -
things like that.  But of course there was so much more to it.  And I find
it still so tempting to think of it as going along on the typical genre
assumptions, but really I think no assumption is left to work unexamined -
can't just be taken for granted at all. Sort of like a lump of dough on the
floor that can't be removed ;)
	Speaking of plotting - what a wonderfully plotted book it is.  I was
always too greedy to reacquaint myself with the story to pause and have a
look.  Even though I knew about mechanics, I never *appreciated* mechanics.

	"I was quite keen on some of the things Gwendolen did."
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