A Cautionary Tale

McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Thu Sep 23 11:38:23 EDT 1999

Hello all, I wanted to share snippets of a story from the London Times.  If
you've come across the Harry Potter phenom and/or read Judith's excellent
critique - and if you have a strong constitution which can withstand
experiencing nausea, disbelief, vertigo and relief all at once - then you'll
like this:

"September 23 1999
> London Times
>     Harry Potter gets the Hollywood
>                   treatment
>   HARRY POTTER is to acquire a transatlantic twang and
>   a blonde "babe" when he becomes the next British
>   children's icon to be given the Hollywood treatment. 
>   Steven Spielberg is leading a host of directors bidding to
>   bring the orphan underdog with wizard powers to the big
>   screen. But like Mary Poppins and Mowgli before him,
>   the bestselling children's hero, created by the Scottish
>   author J.K. Rowling, will undergo some curious changes
>   before he hits the box office. 
>   Warner Brothers, which has bought the option to film the
>   books in a "seven-figure deal", is planning to turn
>   Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry into
>   Hogwarts High, complete with blonde cheerleaders. 
>   Harry will taunt the evil Lord Voldemort with an accent
>   acceptable to teenage American audiences. The books
>   have been "Americanised", with the holidays Potter
>   dreads becoming "vacations", and his school timetables
>   "schedules". An American writer has been hired to write
>   the script, and Harry Potter theme parks and computer
>   games will follow if the film is a hit."
Have mixed emotions about it, but mainly feel relief that Tom Cruise is
unlikely to ever play Konstam.  I'm pretty sure that I may safely vow never
to enter a "Harry Potter theme park." ugh

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