More _Fire and Hemlock_ (was: Re: Lion and Unicorn)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Sep 22 16:39:33 EDT 1999

Melissa wrote:
 > And in Here Now the photo is just a photo,
>instead of (my guess again) a barometer of how well Tan Coul was succeeding
>in his battle to win free of Laurel....

Oh, that's good!  And I'm definitely with you in thinking it was Intended -
er, intended.  I think every reference to Here Now vs. Nowhere is extremely
carefully used.  So of course, I'd never have noticed that.

 >But no one appreciates when I lament "Do I dare to eat a peach?"  Barbarians.

I'm about to fly OT again here (I don't think Prufrock is at all unrelated
to F & H - but this really IS OT), with an old movie reference.  A group of
school friends went to see Woody Allen's Love and Death (?) when it came
out.  I think it was after the "hero" hanged himself, and then changed his
mind and decided to become a poet instead.  He wrote "I should have been a
pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas", then
threw it in the fire, saying it was too sentimental.  There was a rather
puzzled silence in the cinema, except for those of us who had studied (and,
incidentally, loved) Prufrock, who all roared with laughter!

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