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Wed Sep 22 13:16:27 EDT 1999

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Anita Graham wrote:

> > Er, forgive my ignorance, but what is a wossname?  Did I miss a
> > postthat explained the term or something?
> > --
> I think you'll find its a newly-coined term (coined just few posts back -
> but very useful, nontheless) to indicate a subtlety that the author includes
> but never explicitly references.

Not that newly; it's in many a Discworld book by Terry Pratchett (in
fact that's where Paul got it, we've met before in It's a much better word than "thingummy" or
"whatdoyoucallit" and means exactly the same.

> In the "Deep Secret" example, DWJ never explains why the birds are pecking
> at the children but a reader who has read the Lykewake dirge will realise
> that this is "prophesied" or ordained in the dirge as the fate of those
> who've never given away their clothes.
> (is that right?)

Yes, with the added thrill that *the Upper Room* don't know either.
My perception of the Upper Room as at least halfway to God suddenly
toppled when I realized that.


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