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Anita Graham amgraham at
Wed Sep 22 04:51:41 EDT 1999

> >From: Anita Graham <amgraham at>
> > >
> > > Er, forgive my ignorance, but what is a wossname?  Did I miss a
> > > postthat explained the term or something?
> >
> >I think you'll find its a newly-coined term (coined just few
> posts back -
> >but very useful, nontheless) to indicate a subtlety that the author
> >includes
> >but never explicitly references.
> A wossname is an oojamaflip, a thingumajig and a wotchamacallit  :)
> ie, a word for something when you can't remember what it's called.
> Helen

Yes, its a dooverlackey...but in this context was referring to the
particular thingummy I referred to.
(I wasn't actually part of the discussion defining it, but it seemed useful)


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