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On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Paul Andinach wrote:

>    The Hunt is up

Yes! Thanks! That's probably what I'm looking for (or rather what the
person compiling the Lord Peter Wimsey Companion is looking for). I
thought "I know that song!" but I could only sing it, not give the
> (My search also found a page called "CATHOLIC TALES AND CHRISTIAN
> SONGS, by Dorothy Leigh Sayers", but it didn't have anything germane
> to impart.)

It's something I've never seen and would like to see; remember where
it is?

> the villain's confession in _Whose Body?_, to give an
> example that's fresh in my mind, describes his cunning plan and points
> out each step he took to avoid being caught, but passes over as
> unimportant the fatal error he did make.
> Is it this way just because the villain wouldn't have noticed it?
> It seems likely that it's a subtle wossname from the author, but how
> does one *tell*?

As _Whose Body?_ was Dorothy Sayers' first and she wrote it literally
to survive, I think she wasn't up to subtle wossnames yet. But you
never know... When I next read her Letters from that period <fx:
woman disappearing behind stack of unread books, unfinished work,
children and cats> I'll pay attention to any hints of wossnames.


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