Wincon (Was RE: New book (and other things))

McMullin, Elise mcmullea at
Thu Sep 16 17:21:08 EDT 1999

	"Women's main options were hair and dress roughly as for male techie
(but generally with a greater capacity for beer) or long hair and long

	"LOL. Yes, I think this about sums it up."

	ahem - blush.  If it weren't for working in an office, I'd probably
be fully in that long hair & clothes category. Exposed!

	"DWJ was there throughout and I'm sure was very approachable.  I
> approaching too closely for fear of exposing myself as a dribbling fool." 
	"I did exactly the same. She must have been wondering why everyone
> avoiding her!"
	Oh no.  What kind of fans are we?  She responded to my letter and I
didn't write back (goggling awe and shyness) and a number of other people
have said exactly the same thing - and people avoid speaking to her for the
same reasons.  Well, at least we are well-behaved, non-stalking type fans

	"Have I bored everyone sufficiently yet?"

Nope! It was really interesting.  Hopefully in time you will come to terms
with your failure to bore!

Thank you Lucy and Jess

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