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Thu Sep 16 12:32:02 EDT 1999

On a trip into town to get a few last uniform bits for the girls (oh yes,
that was the *real* purpose of my trip), I found a second-hand copy of
Black Maria, and a half-price copy of "Fantasy Stories" chosen by DWJ.  I
don't know if everyone has seen this, but I hadn't, and immediately snapped
it up.  I thought the choice was really interesting (no big surprise),
especially as there was an excerpt from "The Land of Green Ginger" by Noel
Langley.  I'd never heard of this until I picked up a very battered copy
recently, and read it to Cara.  We found it hilarious, and one interesting
thing is that it has the "In Which.." chapter headings.  Actually, my first
reaction to it was that it was rather DWJ-ish in tone, so I was pleased to
see it in her selection.  It wouldn't be a very good book for anyone who
needed PC though!

When I was in about the third used bookstore, a thought came to me about
"Changeover".  I don't have very great hopes of ever finding this myself,
but it's probably not inconceivable that one of us should come across it
some day.  It would probably increase our chances if we knew what
edition(s?) were published.  Does anyone have that info?  I realized that I
wasn't even sure if it would be in sci-fi or general, pb or hb.  On the
same topic, does anyone know if there's any problem with photocoyping books
which are out-of-print?

Welcome, Rowena!  Your parents certainly seem to have had great taste in
choosing names for children!

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"Hey there, Green Dragon!" called Abu Ali.  "Did you ever hear of Aladdin's
Magic Lamp?"
"What if I did?' sneered the Green Dragon.  "I am an Educated Dragon, and
not alarmed by Old Wives' Tales and other such Bucolic Balderdash!"
-from "The Land of Green Ginger"

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