poll which is far too full of washing

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Sep 15 06:07:33 EDT 1999

Deborah wrote:
>i am currently typing this message against drs orders -- i'm not
>supposed to be typing this week at all.

Well, I certainly feel like a worm!  (OMT, her innards writhed with shame).
Sorry.  When you're able to write again, I'd love to know what the dragon
dictate means.  It it your computer which is ill, or are you perhaps hiding
something from us about your ability to shapeshift?  A speedy recovery to
whatever needs it anyway.

Hallie (whose brown hair and hazel eyes *should* imply niceness See Colour
hallieod at indigo.ie
(This Tough Guide stuff is addictive, I'm afraid)

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