OT long - Maps and sense of place

Lucy Mackintosh lucy.mackintosh at virgin.net
Wed Sep 15 05:13:51 EDT 1999

Katherine wrote:

>On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>>On Mon, 13 Sep 1999 18:24:13 +0100, Lucy Mackintosh wrote:
>>>I firmly believe that all towns are laid out in a nice, neat grid
>>Maybe most cities are...but definitely not all.
>Can anyone think of any at all in Europe? I've never been to a grid city
>but imagine them to be a little dull? Less landscape and town plannign
>history to them, and probably really boring road names???? (coo, what
>prejudice <g> I grew up with mediaeval layouts extant.)

Milton Keynes?  From what I remember from a recentish visit, it's all laid
out neatly with some sort of grid reference system and the various different
bits of the grid are signposted.  If its reputation is accurate, then dull
it is; nevertheless, it's a dream for potentially confused visitors.  I
can't help feeling it's one of the few English (British?  European?) towns
where the roads look like the map suggests they should.

Another of my worrying beliefs is that I can navigate round unfamiliar towns
with no map at all.  Oddly enough, this seems to be broadly similar in
result to using a map - I get hopelessly lost and end up unexpectedly just
where I want to be.

I'm sorry - this is wholly off-topic.  I shall shut up and go away now.
Maybe someone else can tie it in with DWJ's travel jinx and bring it back
into line.


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