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Tue Sep 14 10:50:26 EDT 1999

> > McMullin, Elise
> > Sent: Monday, 13 September 1999 10:58
> > But it made me wonder what they invented Monigan worship
> > *for* in the first place, not that a game needs a purpose but...
> >
> Anita replied:
	"I thought that in the end it was that Monigan had worked on them to
> her (or it), rather than them inventing it from whole cloth."
	Yes, she worked on them and brought them to it, so Sally deduced.
But isn't it the trick of manipulation to make someone think they want to do
something for their own independent reasons, while really they are working
toward the manipulater's (or is it manipulator?) purpose?  So I tentatively
infer that these neglected young people may have had macabre ulterior
motives of their own, in the beginning.  

	And it makes me speculate that a brush with Nemesis can help, oddly,
sometimes throw people onto a more productive and wholesome course than they
might otherwise have pursued, by helping them appreciate it.  The sisters
tread kind of unknowingly close to the line - just think how Sally
acquiesced to her favorite pet hen being killed - and for really poor
reasons too - not even customary holiday dinner type reasons - it's very

	I read a  review on Amazon that was very tepid and it called Sally
the only relatively normal one -hmmmm.  Think the critic missed a few things
there all around (- it was one of the book journal critics, not a regular
reader). Oh, just getting hazy and waxing philosophical over here.  :)


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